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Welcome to 2021 — and potentially your first big headache

Those organizations that can report all senior members of their local government did what was appropriate and set a proper example for their constituents have an opportunity to build some political capital and brand currency.

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What is it your organization believes?

A vision statement is all about what the organization believes is possible. It is reflection on potential. A mission statement puts the vision into practice. It is the doing part.

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The who, what and why of news to share

How can the organization maintain its preferred information flow and still share news with staff in a way that makes them a proactive addition to the information team? It starts with a delivery process that is timely, consistent and graduated.

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Keep your eye on the big picture

We all go about our business, looking after unique and separate parts of the operation and come to have our own expression of just what the organization is. Our colleagues are busy with other parts of the animal — I’ll let you determine who has the tail end — but we get so engrossed in our own work that it’s only occasionally that we consider the organization as a whole.

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They shouldn’t hear it through the grapevine

When working with public-sector clients, I always strongly encourage news they are preparing for constituents or clients — and eventually the media — be first delivered to employees. The reason? Chances are pretty good someone hearing the news will want to talk about it (even if just in passing)  if and when they make contact with one of your employees — either at a counter, by phone or standing six feet away from them in a grocery store. It really helps the effort if your employees know what they're talking about.

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