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Andrew Stuckey

General Manager/Senior Consultant

I am a seasoned public-sector professional with exceptional communications, project management and business continuity skills.

My first career was as an intelligence officer with the US Air Force. I also have a background in journalism, working at various daily and community newspapers across Canada, and professional communications, building engagement at numerous public-sector organizations, including local governments, school boards and destination marketing organizations.

I own and operate several media companies, including StarNorth Public-Sector Services, through which I manage the delivery of communications, privacy and continuity planning support to local governments, First Nations and not-for-profit organizations.

I live in Gander, NL, with my wife Tracey and a very special nine-year-old boy.

My Passions

Featured Project

Responsible Social Media and Networking

  • Local Bubbles, Social Networking, Social Media

Building awareness and consensus that online social networking platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter are not so much a means for users to freely engage with family, friends and others but more so for thought manipulation and data-mining resources for large corporations. I want to help public-sector organizations rethink their current use of social media platforms to engage constituents.

Fortunately, there are other options available for local governments to construct online social networking resources that allow for dissemination of information and discussion among constituents in a user-friendly secure environment.

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Services I provide


Issues Management. Media Relations — Inspired navigation for your organization.

Continuity Planning

Continuity support to ensure your organization doesn’t falter amid adversity and disruption.

Web and Social Media

Connecting your organization responsibly and efficiently

What I'm Doing

authentic. principled. strategic.


Where I excel

Web and Social Media
Issues Management
Media Relations
Strategic Planning
Continuity Planning



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