Strategic Planning:

Solve your problems, exploit your opportunities

Is it time to do some corporate soul-searching? Do you and your team have a thorough understanding of your organization: its structure, performance and reputation?

Effective communications begins long before you encounter a issue that is threatening to become a crisis. It even begins long before you start planning a media campaign for an upcoming program.

Our team will examine your organization’s internal environment, helping to define its structure and ethical base, reviewing its performance and detailing internal impediments that might be keeping you from effectively communicating with others. We’ll develop a sense of the public’s perception of your organization and, more importantly, your reputation. From that, we’ll define your external environment, working with your contacts, detailing external impediments to your communication efforts.

Effective communications requires strategic planning, a sound, solid look at potential problems, opportunities and resources to generate an intentional communication component, one you can call upon when the ship is up against the rocks.

StarNorth specializes in developing strategic plans built on two-way synchronous communications.