Media Relations:

Tell your organizations story — on your terms

You know your message is special, so why isn’t the local media breaking down your door to get the complete story from your senior management team? And why instead is that pesky national reporter poking around in your business?

Media types have a job to do and their work may or may not be to your liking. StarNorth also has a job to do: helping writers and broadcasters see things your way.

With years of media experience, StarNorth has the knowledge, skills and tools to ensure the message you want reported in your local newspaper or on radio and television is the message audiences receive.

We’ll help you craft effective media messaging that gets positive results. And, we’ll design an audit structure that allows you to measure your message’s effectiveness during and after the fact.

Had enough cringing in your office as you go through yet another negative news piece? Give StarNorth a call; we’ll help you put things in black and white.