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Issues Management. Media Relations — Inspired navigation for your organization.

Privacy Management

Support to define and maintain privacy and collection of personal information obligations.

Continuity Planning

Continuity support to ensure your organization doesn’t falter amid adversity and disruption.

Providing Services
to the Public Sector

StarNorth provides communications, privacy management and continuity planning services to Newfoundland’s local governments — including Indian Bands — and Not-For-Profit organizations.

What is it your organization believes?
What is it your organization believes?

A vision statement is all about what the organization believes is possible. It is reflection on potential. A mission statement puts the vision into practice. It is the doing part.

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The who, what and why of news to share
The who, what and why of news to share

How can the organization maintain its preferred information flow and still share news with staff in a way that makes them a proactive addition to the information team? It starts with a delivery process that is timely, consistent and graduated.

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